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>> It is more problematic where a shop wants to use serializable
>> transactions to ensure data integrity.

> This may be a trivial thing.... But what do you mean by shops? I
> actually can't get it.... :-)


I was using "shop" in the sense of the second of the short noun
definitions ("the place where a specified kind of worker works : a
worker's place of business") or number 5a under the long noun
definitions ("a business establishment: office").  When used in
that sense the type of business is usually used ("an I.T. shop"),
but where it is implied or obvious it is often dropped.  The
dictionary doesn't list it as a colloquialism, but it is rather
informal -- approaching the colloquial.  As I used it I was
intending to convey a group of I.T. professionals under the same
management with a common set of policies, working on the same set
of hardware and/or software.

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