Robert Haas wrote:

> Another point I want to reiterate - because nobody seems to be
> addressing it - is that some of these messages are totally useless.  I
> grant that printing the transaction state (XIDs, CIDs, etc.) is
> useful.  But does anybody really think that it's useful for every
> statement to *additionally* generate DEBUG:  CommitTransactionCommand?
>  Who looks at that?  What value does it have?  We do not print a
> message when any other function that is called for every query is
> entered - why that one?

No, it is useless, let's get rid of it.  Maybe it was a useful debugging
tool when postgres.c was being developed, but it's not useful now and
instead very bothersome.

> Whether we adjust the log levels of the messages we have or not, we
> surely ought to get rid of the ones that are useless clutter.

Agreed.  I liked your proposal for reduction of transaction state
printout to a single, denser line.

> Can anyone think of a single instance in which that particular message
> has been useful in debugging ... anything?

Not I.

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