On 10/28/15 5:14 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
As of the end of this month, I will be departing Salesforce.com and
joining Crunchy Data Solutions (http://crunchydatasolutions.com),
whom you might recognize as being already the employers of Stephen
Frost, Joe Conway, and Greg Smith, as well as a few other folk who
hang out on pghackers.

While I enjoyed working at Salesforce, it was sucking an awfully large
percentage of my time away from the PG community.  With this change,
I expect to return to spending more-or-less full time on community work.

So I guess this means that the Fedora-wearing Elephant that ended up on a Cloud[1] is suddenly turning into a Hippo. :P

[1] https://secure2.sfdcstatic.com/common/assets/images/home/sfdc-home-footer-logo.png
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