On 10/28/15 6:55 AM, Andres Freund wrote:
> 1) ./configure CFLAGS=... essentially breaks --enable-debug and related
>    options,

If assigning to CFLAGS breaks --enable-debug, then we should fix that by
reordering things a bit.

> overwrites -O2 as the default and such. That's imo pretty
>    confusing.

I'm not so concerned about this case.  -O2 is a default, and if you want
something different, then the default doesn't apply.  If a user works at
this level of detail, they can also keep that in mind.

Adding more ways to set the same thing would just create more
potentional uncertainty about in which order and precedence things are
set and checked.  It might make sense to you now, but that doesn't mean
in will make sense to the next person.

> 2) I like to be able to pass -Werror or something to configure without
>    breaking a bunch of configure tests that won't work with Werror.
> A good way to do that seems to be to add a separate variable for that
> purpose? Unless someobdy has a better idea?

I think we already had this discussion numerous times, and about all the
ways that have been proposed have been rejected at least once before. ;-)

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