On 10/25/15 10:55 PM, Zeus Kronion wrote:
Parallel workers were failing to connect to the database when running
pg_dump with a connection string. The first of the following two commands
runs without errors, while the second one fails:
pg_dump "postgres://my-user:my-passw...@my.hostname.com:5432/my-db" -Fd -f
pg_dump "postgres://my-user:my-passw...@my.hostname.com:5432/my-db" -Fd
--jobs=9 -f my-dump

The error message:
pg_dump: [parallel archiver] connection to database "my-db" failed:
fe_sendauth: no password supplied

The password is not being stored correctly in the PGconn object when
connecting with a connection string.

Yeah, the current code is definitely broken for this case. However, I don't feel like this patch is quite there yet, either. _connectDB has similar logic in it which might be hit in case e.g. a a user's HBA is changed from a non-password-requiring method to a password-requiring one after the one or more connections has been initiated. That one needs changing as well.

However, I don't quite like the way the password cache is kept up to date in the old *or* the new code. It seems to me that it should instead look like:

   if (PQconnectionUsedPassword(AH->connection))
       AH->savedPassword = PQpass(AH->connection);

What do you think?


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