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> pg_upgradecluster has some logic to switch a parameter value (see
> strrepl)

That's part of pg_wrapper, not core, though.

I'd quite like to see pg_wrapper become part of the PGDG RPMs, but
right now AFAIK it's a Debian-derived-only thing.

> and pg_upgrade does not handle parameter name switches by
> itself


> so the price to pay would be more maintenance annoyance for
> existing upgrade scripts, which happens at more or less each major
> release (checkpoint_segments removed in 9.5, unix_socket_directory
> renamed in 9.3, etc.).

Fair point. I'm not a great fan of how those changes affect users, but
I've also seen what too much backward compatibility can do to a
project. (Ref: Java, the Win32 APIs).

If users miss it then it won't explode anything in a way that's
dangerous or harmful, so I won't complain overly. I just wanted to
raise it as a possible concern.

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