On 11/5/15 10:55 PM, Craig Ringer wrote:
Omitted bounds are common in other languages and would be handy. I
don't think they'd cause any issues with multi-dimensional arrays or
variable start-pos arrays.


I'd love negative indexes, but the variable-array-start (mis)feature
means we can't have those. I wouldn't shed a tear if
variable-start-position arrays were deprecated and removed, but that's
a multi-year process, and I'm not convinced negative indexes justify
it even though the moveable array start pos feature seems little-used.

I'm all for ditching variable start, full stop.

Since the start-pos is recorded in the array, I wonder if it's worth
supporting negative indexing for arrays with the default 1-indexed
element numbering, and just ERRORing for others. Does anyone really
use anything else?

I'd prefer that over using something like ~.
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