Thanks.  Part 1 looks, on the whole, fine to me, although I think the
changes to use less whitespace and removing decimal places in the
documentation are going in the wrong direction.  That is:

- About 67% of values are drawn from the middle <literal>1.0 / threshold</>
+      About 67% of values are drawn from the middle <literal>1/param</>,

I would say 1.0 / param, just as we used to say 1.0 / threshold.  Any
reason why not?

For the 1.0 -> 1, this because in the example afterwards I set param to 2.0 and I wanted it clear where the one half was coming from, and ISTM that the 2.0 stands out more with "1 / 2.0" than with "1.0 / 2.0".

For the spaces, this is because with just "1/" the space seemed less necessary for clarity, but it seemed necessary with "1.0 /"

Now it is easy to backtrack.

After looking at the generated html version, I find that the "1/param" and "2/param" formula are very simple and pretty easy to read, and they would not be really enhanced with additional spacing.

ISTM that adaptative spacing (no spacing for level 1 operations, some for higher level) is a good approach for readability, ie:

   f(i) - f(i+1)
             ^ no spacing here
        ^ some spacing here

So I would suggest to keep the submitted version, unless this is a blocker.


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