It is a relevant topic of readfuncs support for custom-scan.

Unlike CustomPath and CustomScanState, we don't allow custom-scan
provider to define own and larger structure that embeds CustomScan
at head of the structure, to support copyObject().
Thus, custom-scan provider needs to have own logic to pack and
unpack private fields, like:

At present, only create_customscan_plan() and _copyCustomScan()
can produce CustomScan node.
The create_customscan_plan() invokes PlanCustomPath callback,
thus, CSP can return a pointer of CustomScan field within
a larger structure. So, we don't adjust this interface.
On the other hands, _copyCustomScan() allocates a new node using
makeNode(CustomScan), thus, here is no space for the larger
structure if CSP wants to use to keep private values without
packing and unpacking.
Only CSP knows exact size of the larger structure, so all we can
do is ask CSP to allocate a new node and copy its private fields.
This patch newly adds NodeCopyCustomScan callback to support

Also, v9.6 will support nodeToString/stringToNode on plan nodes.
So, we need to re-define the role of TextOutCustomScan callback
that is also defined at v9.5.
If CSP extends the CustomScan to save private values on the extra
area, only CSP knows what values and which data types are stored,
thus, all we can do is ask CSP to serialize and deserialize its
private fields without inconsistency.
Even though TextOutCustomScan callback shall be once ripped out
to support readfuncs.c, a pair of TextOut and TextRead callback
will re-define its responsibility again; when CSP defines
a larger structure that embeds CustomScan, a pair of these
callbacks are used to serialize/deserialize the entire custom
defined objects.

The attached patches are for v9.5 and v9.6. The v9.6 patch
assumes the patch for readfuncs support is already applied.
The v9.5 patch assumes the latest master.

NEC Business Creation Division / PG-Strom Project
KaiGai Kohei <>

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> > On Sat, Nov 7, 2015 at 6:38 AM, Kouhei Kaigai <> wrote:
> > > Are you suggesting to pass the object name on software build time?
> >
> > Yes.  That's what test_shm_mq and worker_spi already do:
> >
> >         sprintf(worker.bgw_library_name, "test_shm_mq");
> >
> OK, I ripped out the portion around dfmgr.c.
> > > If so, it may load incorrect libraries when DBA renamed its filename.
> > > At least, PostgreSQL cannot prevent DBA to rename library filenames
> > > even if they try to deploy "", "" and
> > > "" on same directory.
> >
> > I agree.  But that's not a new problem that needs to be solved by this
> > patch.  It already exists - see above.
> >
> It still may be a potential problem, even though a corner case.
> I'll try to implement an internal API to know "what is my name".
> The attached main patch (custom-scan-on-readfuncs.v3.patch) once
> removes TextOutCustomScan, thus all the serialized tokens become
> known to the core backend, and add _readCustomScan() at readfuncs.c.
> It deserializes CustomScan nodes from cstring tokens, especially,
> reloads the pointer of CustomScanMethods tables using a pair of
> library name and symbol name.
> Thus, it also requires custom scan providers to keep the methods
> table visible from external objects.
> Thanks,
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> NEC Business Creation Division / PG-Strom Project
> KaiGai Kohei <>

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