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> One thing that occurred to me in this context is that if we store the wait
> event information in PGPROC, then can we think of providing the info
> about wait events in a separate view pg_stat_waits (or pg_stat_wait_info or
> any other better name) where we can display wait information about
> all-processes rather than only backends?

Sounds good to me. Consider a logical decoding plugin in a walsender for

> This will avoid the confusion
> about breaking the backward compatibility for the current 'waiting' column
> in pg_stat_activity.

I'm about -10^7 on changing the 'waiting' column. I am still seeing
confused users from the 'procpid' to 'pid' renaming. If more info is
needed, add a column with more detail or, as you suggest here, use a new

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