Konstantin Knizhnik wrote:

> But you may notice that original TransactionIdSetTreeStatus function is void
> - it is not intended to return anything.
> It is called in RecordTransactionCommit in critical section where it is not
> expected that commit may fail.
> But in case of DTM transaction may be rejected by arbiter. XTM API allows to
> control access to CLOG, so everybody will see that transaction is aborted.
> But we in any case have to somehow notify client about abort of transaction.

I think you'll need to rethink how a transaction commits rather
completely, rather than consider localized tweaks to specific functions.
For one thing, the WAL record about transaction commit has already been
written by XactLogCommitRecord much earlier than calling
TransactionIdCommitTree.  So if you were to crash at that point, it
doesn't matter how much the arbiter has rejected the transaction, WAL
replay would mark it as committed.  Also, what about the replication
origin stuff and the TransactionTreeSetCommitTsData() call?

I think you need to involve the arbiter earlier, so that the commit
process can be aborted earlier than those things.

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