I checked new snowball site http://snowballstem.org/ and found several new
stemmers appeared (as external contributions):

   - Irish and Czech <http://snowballstem.org/otherapps/oregan/>
   - Object Pascal codegenerator for Snowball
   - Two stemmers for Romanian <http://snowballstem.org/otherapps/romanian/>
   - Hungarian <http://snowballstem.org/algorithms/hungarian/stemmer.html>
   - Turkish <http://snowballstem.org/algorithms/turkish/stemmer.html>
   - Armenian <http://snowballstem.org/algorithms/armenian/stemmer.html>
   - Basque (Euskera)
   - Catalan <http://snowballstem.org/algorithms/catalan/stemmer.html>

Some of them we don't have in our list of default configurations. Since
these are external, not official stemmers, it'd be nice if  people  look
and test them. If they are fine, we can prepare new configurations for 9.6.

               List of text search configurations
   Schema   |    Name    |              Description
 pg_catalog | danish     | configuration for danish language
 pg_catalog | dutch      | configuration for dutch language
 pg_catalog | english    | configuration for english language
 pg_catalog | finnish    | configuration for finnish language
 pg_catalog | french     | configuration for french language
 pg_catalog | german     | configuration for german language
 pg_catalog | hungarian  | configuration for hungarian language
 pg_catalog | italian    | configuration for italian language
 pg_catalog | norwegian  | configuration for norwegian language
 pg_catalog | portuguese | configuration for portuguese language
 pg_catalog | romanian   | configuration for romanian language
 pg_catalog | russian    | configuration for russian language
 pg_catalog | simple     | simple configuration
 pg_catalog | spanish    | configuration for spanish language
 pg_catalog | swedish    | configuration for swedish language
 pg_catalog | turkish    | configuration for turkish language
 public     | english_ns |
(17 rows)

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