Erik Rijkers wrote:

> In file included from ../../../src/include/postgres.h:48:0,
>                  from plperl.c:8:
> plperl.c: In function ‘select_perl_context’:
> ../../../src/include/utils/elog.h:41:16: warning: passing argument 1 of
> ‘errmsg’ makes pointer from integer without a cast [-Wint-conversion]

Uh, this code has evidently never been compiled before, because it's
completely bogus:

                                errmsg("cannot allocate multiple Perl 
interpreters on this platform")));

It's recent breakage though, introduced in 09cecdf285ea.  Need to
s/errmsg/ereport/ ..

> make contrib:
> In file included from hstore_plperl.c:6:0:
> ../../contrib/hstore/hstore.h:79:0: warning: "HS_KEY" redefined
>  #define HS_KEY(arr_,str_,i_) ((str_) + HSE_OFF((arr_)[2*(i_)]))
>  ^
> In file included from
> /opt/perl-5.22/lib/5.22.0/x86_64-linux/CORE/perl.h:3730:0,
>                  from ../../src/pl/plperl/plperl.h:48,
>                  from hstore_plperl.c:4:
> /opt/perl-5.22/lib/5.22.0/x86_64-linux/CORE/util.h:226:0: note: this is the
> location of the previous definition
>  #  define HS_KEY(setxsubfn, popmark, apiver, xsver) \
>  ^

So we need to get this one fixed.

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