Tom Lane writes:
 > Lee Kindness <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
 > > + #define _THREAD_SAFE
 > > + #define _REENTRANT
 > What is this stuff, and why isn't it wrapped in any sort of
 > platform-specific test?  If it's needed, why is it in only one .c
 > file?

It's actually in libpq-int.h too... The correct way for this is to
compile with the compilers specific thread flags, however the downside
to this has already been discussed. Depending on the system one, or a
combination of those flags will turn on some magic such as errno being
a function call rather than a global variable. This is needed to make
the library thread safe.

On a second look libpq-int.h isn't the best place for this (hence it
also appears in one of the C files), it needs to be done in each C
file before any of the system headers are included - a libpq-threads.h
header? Would this be ok?

Do do things 100% right we'd need to detect compiler thread flags and
compile with them...

 > Also, haven't you broken SOCK_STRERROR for the Windows case?

Sorry, I seem to have forgotton to update the prototype in win32.h to
match the updated function. Updated diff attached (and online).


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