On 11/24/15 7:10 AM, Ants Aasma wrote:
The use case I have in mind is a table containing multiple years worth
of (approximately) time series data, where overwhelming majority of
queries are explicitly interested in recent data. Having a partial
index with WHERE tstamp > $some_recent_tstamp cutting out 90+% of
tuples was extremely helpful for performance for both index size
reasons and having to process less tuples. This index needs to be
periodically rebuilt with a newer timestamp constant, and the rebuild
would be a lot faster if it could use the existing index to perform an
index only scan of 10% of data instead of scanning and sorting the
full table.

There are other cases where you'd want to build an index off an existing index as well. It's not that uncommon to have small, specialized indexes that are fully or partially a subset of another index.
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