On 11/24/15 1:29 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
So I suspect the real problem here is that we might want all of these
things to look identical to pg_stat_statements:

        ARRAY[$1, $2, 42]
        ARRAY[$1, $2, $3, 47]

Don't see a very clean way to do that ...

Another not-uncommon case is IN ( '1', '2', ... , '2342' ); in other words, treating an integer as text. A lot of frameworks like to do that and just push the problem onto the database. I'm not sure what pg_stat_statements would ultimately see in that case..

Since there's a few different things people might want, maybe a good first step is to allow extending/changing the jumbling decision at the C level. That would make it easy for a knowledgeable enough person to come up with an alternative as a plugin that regular users could use.
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