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> Craig Ringer <cr...@2ndquadrant.com> writes:
> > Actually, if __declspec(dllexport) or a .DEF entry was added in, say,
> > 9.4.5, you could probably just:
> > #if PG_VERSION_NUM < 90405
> > extern int* log_min_messages_p;
> > #define log_min_messages (*log_min_messages_p)
> > #endif
> > after including all PostgreSQL headers. It won't work for inline
> functions
> > defined in PostgreSQL headers, but should otherwise be OK I think.
> Some of these workarounds look like they would break if we add the missing
> PGDLLIMPORT in future releases.  That would be nasty :-(.  Am I misreading
> it?
I don't think they will, but without testing and more digging I can't be
sure. If marking the variable __declspec(dllexport) causes its import table
entry to be omitted then yes, that'd break things.

I'll try to dig out my Windows VM and prep a few tests once I've delivered
on the promised pglogical downstream.

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