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> Quite awhile back, we had a discussion about removing "$" from the set
> of allowed characters in operator names, and instead allowing it as a
> non-first character in identifiers.  (It'd have to be non-first to avoid
> ambiguity with parameter symbols "$nnn".)  See, eg,
> That discussion petered out without any definite consensus being
> reached, but I think it's time to reconsider the idea.  We're getting
> flak about "x<$n" being parsed as "x <$ n" rather than "x < $n" (see
> current thread in pgsql-sql).  While this has always been a hazard for
> SQL and plpgsql function writers, it is now also a hazard in direct
> SQL, if you use PREPAREd queries.  So I think the importance of avoiding
> such problems has moved up a notch as of 7.3.
> So, I'd like to put that proposal back on the table.  Comments anyone?
>                       regards, tom lane
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