On 30 November 2015 at 22:27, Julien Rouhaud <julien.rouh...@dalibo.com>

> I registered as reviewer on this, but after reading the whole thread for
> the second time, it's still not clear to me if the last two submitted
> patches (0001-Add-auto_explain.publish_plans.patch and
> 0002-Add-SHM-table-of-contents-to-the-explain-DSM.patch) are still
> needed reviews, since multiple refactoring ideas and objections have
> been raised since.

I looked into it more deeply and decided partial EXPLAINs aren't very
useful yet.

I've got some thoughts around that which I'll publish when I have more
time. I suggest this is a good idea, just needs some serious
committer-love, so we should bounce this for now.

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