On 11/15/15 7:37 PM, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
On 11/15/15 3:20 PM, Jim Nasby wrote:
As to the argument about displaying a check or an X, why should that
capability only exist for boolean types? For example, why not allow psql
to convert a numeric value into a bar of varying sizes? I've frequently
emulated that with something like SELECT repeat( '*', blah * 30 /
max_of_blah ). I'm sure there's other examples people could think of.

Well, why not?  The question there is only how many marginal features
you want to stuff into psql, not whether it's the right place to stuff them.

I was more thinking it would be nice to be able to temporarily over-ride/wrap what an output function is doing. AFAIK that would allow this to work everywhere (row(), copy, etc). I don't know of any remotely practical way to do that, though.
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