On Sat, Nov 14, 2015 at 07:11:32PM -0500, Chapman Flack wrote:
> I use the PG dynloader because, hey, you guys have already done the work
> of abstracting up from 12 different platforms' variations on dlopen, and
> it seems smarter to stand on your shoulders and not reinvent that. The
> one minor quirk is that the declaration of pg_dlsym is tailored to return
> a PGFunction specifically, which of course is not the type of the one
> function JNI_CreateJavaVM that I need to look up in libjvm. But adding
> a cast is no trouble. I am not expecting any platform's wrapped dl*
> functions to actually fail if the symbol hasn't got that exact type, right?

OK, good logical reason to install dynloader.h on Windows.  Also, I am
very glad you are working on PL/Java.  :-)

What do we need to do to close this item?  What versions of Windows
installers are missing dynloader.h?  Mingw?  MSVC?  EDB's?  OpenSCG? 
Postgres Pro (Russian)?  

Is this a change we need to make on the server end and then all the
installers will automatically install the file?  It is present in all
Unix-like installs?

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