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> First, I wonder if it would be useful to mention somewhere, even if it's
> only here in the mailing list how can the protocol be extended in
> non-breaking way in future for transaction streaming if we ever get that.

Good point.

I'll address that in the DESIGN.md in the next rev.

Separately, it's looking like xact streaming is possibly more complex than
I hoped due to cache invalidation issues, but I haven't been able to fully
understand the problem yet.

The other thing is that I think we don't need the "forward_changesets"
> parameter which currently decides if to forward changes that didn't
> originate on local node. There is already hook for origin filtering which
> provides same functionality in more flexible way so it seems redundant to
> also have special boolean option for it.

Removed, change pushed.

Also pushed a change to expose the decoded row data to row filter hooks.

I won't cut a v4 for this, as I'm working on merging the SGML-ified docs
and will do a v4 with that and the above readme change once that's done.

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