Recently (about a month ago) flex 2.6.0 have been released.

But when we tried to compile PostgreSQL 9.5 beta 1 from git with it on
Windows, we've encountered that src/tools/msvc/ explicitely 
checks that minor version of flex is equal to 5.

    unless ($verparts[0] == 2 && $verparts[1] == 5 && $verparts[2]
    >=31) { print "WARNING! Flex install not found, or unsupported Flex
       version.\n"; print "echo Attempting to build without.\n";
       exit 0;

Is this check intentional, or it just seats here from the time when
version 2.6.0 didn't exist?

Postgres seems to compile fine with flex 2.6.0.


                Victor Wagner

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