Joe Conway <> writes:
> On 12/12/2015 02:31 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
>> I'm not particularly wedded to this rule.  In principle we could go so
>> far as to import psql's code that parses commands and figures out which
>> semicolons are command terminators --- but that is a pretty large chunk
>> of code, and I think it'd really be overkill considering that initdb
>> deals only with fixed input scripts.  But if anyone has another simple
>> rule for breaking SQL into commands, we can certainly discuss
>> alternatives.

> Possibly inadequate, but I wrote a get_one_query() function to grab one
> statement at a time from a possibly multi-statement string and it isn't
> all that many lines of code:

Hmm.  Doesn't look like that handles semicolons embedded in CREATE RULE;
for that you'd have to track parenthesis nesting as well.  (It's arguable
that we won't ever need that case during initdb, but I'd just as soon not
wire in such an assumption.)  In general, though, I'd rather not try to
teach InteractiveBackend() such a large amount about SQL syntax.

With a rule like "break at ;\n\n" it's possible to ensure that command
breaks occur only where wanted, though in corner cases you might have to
format your input oddly.  (For instance, if you needed that in a SQL
literal, you might resort to E';\n\n' or use the standard's rules about
concatenated string literals.)  If you get it wrong the consequences
aren't too disastrous: you'll get an unterminated-input syntax error,
or in the other direction multiple commands will get run together for
execution, which most of the time isn't a big issue.

>> Does anyone know of people using standalone mode other than
>> for initdb?

> sepgsql uses it for installation, but it does not appear to use -j
> I'm not sure why it is required but at some point I'd like to dig into that.

It might be easier than starting a full postmaster and having to figure
out a secure place for the socket etc.  I'm prepared to back off the
proposal about changing the default behavior of standalone mode; that
leaves us with a choice between changing -j's behavior and inventing
a new switch.

                        regards, tom lane

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