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> On 12/14/15 01:50, Craig Ringer wrote:
> > pg_upgrade means you can't just redefine the current toast bits so the
> > compressed bit means "data is compressed, check first byte of varlena
> data
> > for algorithm" because existing data won't have that, the first byte will
> > be the start of the compressed data stream.
> Is there any small sequence of initial bytes you wouldn't ever see in PGLZ
> output?  Either something invalid, or something obviously nonoptimal
> like run(n,'A')||run(n,'A') where PGLZ would have just output run(2n,'A')?
I don't think we need to worry, since doing it per-column makes this issue
go away. Per-Datum compression would make it easier to switch methods
(requiring no table rewrite) at the cost of more storage for each varlena,
which probably isn't worth it anyway.

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