I run "pg_upgrade -xx" fromPostgreSQL8.3 to PostgreSQL9.4.5 on window server 
2008.  It will show some wrong information:

cannot write to log file pg_upgrade_internal.log
Failure, exiting.

It seems that the upgrade can be successful on window 7. It seems to be a 
permissions problem. I get some information about restricting privileges from 
source code, and I find the changes "Run pg_upgrade and pg_resetxlog with 
restricted privileges on Windows, so that they don't fail when run by an 
administrator (refer to 
http://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.4/static/release-9-4-2.html )"  for release 
9.4.2. Why did you do this? How can I solve this problem? I hope you can help 

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