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> > In any case,
> >I have done some more investigation of the patch and found that even
> >without changing query planner related parameters, it seems to give
> >bad plans (as in example below [1]).  I think here the costing of rework
> each
> I have done some more testing using TPC-H benchmark (For some of the
> queries, specially for Parallel Hash Join), and Results summary is as below.
> *Planning Time(ms)*
> *Query* *Base* *Patch* TPC-H Q2 2.2 2.4 TPCH- Q3 0.67 0.71 TPCH- Q5 3.17
> 2.3 TPCH- Q7 2.43 2.4
> *Execution Time(ms)*
> *Query* *Base* *Patch* TPC-H Q2 2826 766 TPCH- Q3 23473 24271 TPCH- Q5
> 21357 1432 TPCH- Q7 6779 1138
> All Test files and Detail plan output is attached in mail
> q2.sql, q3.sql, q.5.sql ans q7.sql are TPCH benchmark' 2nd, 3rd, 5th and
> 7th query
> and Results with base and Parallel join are attached in q*_base.out and
> q*_parallel.out respectively.
> Summary: With TPC-H queries where ever Hash Join is pushed under gather
> Node, significant improvement is visible,
> with Q2, using 3 workers, time consumed is almost 1/3 of the base.
> I Observed one problem, with Q5 and Q7, there some relation and snapshot
> references are leaked and i am getting below warning, havn't yet looked
> into the issue.
While looking at plans of Q5 and Q7, I have observed that Gather is
pushed below another Gather node for which we don't have appropriate
way of dealing.  I think that could be the reason why you are seeing
the errors.

Also, I think it would be good if you can once check the plan/execution
time with max_parallel_degree=0 as that can give us base reference
data without parallelism, also I am wondering if have you have changed
any other parallel cost related parameter?

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