On Thu, Dec 17, 2015 at 11:06 PM, Michael Paquier
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>> I should add: I think that the chances of this patch destabilizing the
>> code are very slim, once it receives the proper review. Certainly, I
>> foresee no possible downside to not inserting the doomed IndexTuple,
>> since it's guaranteed to have its heap tuple super-deleted immediately
>> afterwards.
> I am no committer, just a guy giving an opinion about this patch and I
> have to admit that I have not enough studied the speculative insertion
> code to have a clear technical point of view on the matter, but even
> if the chances of destabilizing the code are slim, it does not seem a
> wise idea to me to do that post-rc1 and before a GA as there are
> people testing the code as it is now.

You can express doubt about almost anything. In this case, you haven't
voiced any particular concern about any particular risk. The risk of
not proceeding is that 9.5 will remain in a divergent state for no
reason, with substantial differences in the documentation of the AM
interface, and that has a cost. Why should the risk of destabilizing
9.5 become more palatable when 9.5 has been out for 6 months or a
year? You can take it that this will probably be now-or-never.

This is mostly just comment changes, and changes to documentation. If
it comes down to it, we could leave the existing 9.5 code intact (i.e.
still unnecessarily insert the IndexTuple), while commenting that it
is unnecessary, and still changing everything else. That would have an
unquantifiably tiny risk, certainly smaller than the risk of
committing the patch as-is (which, to reiterate, is a risk that I
think is very small).

FWIW, I tend to doubt that users have tested speculative insertion/ON
CONFLICT much this whole time. There were a couple of bug reports, but
that's it.

> Now per the two points listed in
> the first sentence in this paragraph, perhaps this opinion is fine as
> moot :) I didn't get much involved in the development of this code
> after all.

I'm concerned that Heikki's apparent unavailability will become a
blocker to this.

Peter Geoghegan

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