Hi all,

As of today, at the moment I am writing this message, here is the
commit fest app status:
Needs review: 20.
Waiting on Author: 24.
Ready for Committer: 4.
Committed: 29.
Moved to next CF: 11.
Rejected: 8.
Returned with Feedback: 7.
Total: 103.

This means in short that 48 out of 103 patches still need to be
treated by the end of this commit fest, which was actually 3 weeks
ago. As the so-said CFM, perhaps I slacked a bit too much here, but to
be honest at this rhythm we are not going to make it by the end of the
month, so I am going to look at the 48 remaining patches and see if
each one can be moved to the next commit fest or returned with
feedback. I would suspect as well that the status of some of those
patches has not been updated for a while.

It would be cool to get a largely cleaned up CF app by Christmas, or
err... 3 days. This is going to be a vacation period and a lot of
people are not going to be here.

To patch authors: please be careful that the status of your patch is
correctly updated. And feel free to scream injustice regarding your
patch if you think the CFM was unfair. I'll update the related threads
regarding the status of the patch, so feel free to complain if needed
on the related thread.
To reviewers: thanks for the reviews done!
To committers: there are 4 patches waiting for input.


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