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> On 2015/11/26 18:00, Etsuro Fujita wrote:
>> On 2015/11/25 20:36, Thom Brown wrote:
>>> On 13 May 2015 at 04:10, Etsuro Fujita <fujita.ets...@lab.ntt.co.jp>
>>> wrote:
>>>> On 2015/05/13 0:55, Stephen Frost wrote:
>>>>> While the EXPLAIN output changed, the structure hasn't really changed
>>>>> from what was discussed previously and there's not been any real
>>>>> involvment from the core code in what's happening here.
>>>>> Clearly, the documentation around how to use the FDW API hasn't changed
>>>>> at all and there's been no additions to it for handling bulk work.
>>>>> Everything here continues to be done inside of postgres_fdw, which
>>>>> essentially ignores the prescribed "Update/Delete one tuple" interface
>>>>> for ExecForeignUpdate/ExecForeignDelete.
>>>>> I've spent the better part of the past two days trying to reason my way
>>>>> around that while reviewing this patch and I haven't come out the other
>>>>> side any happier with this approach than I was back in
>>>>> 20140911153049.gc16...@tamriel.snowman.net.
>>>>> There are other things that don't look right to me, such as what's
>>>>> going
>>>>> on at the bottom of push_update_down(), but I don't think there's much
>>>>> point going into it until we figure out what the core FDW API here
>>>>> should look like.  It might not be all that far from what we have now,
>>>>> but I don't think we can just ignore the existing, documented, API.
> OK, I'll try to introduce the core FDW API for this (and make changes
>>>> to the
>>>> core code) to address your previous comments.
> I'm a bit behind in reading up on this, so maybe it's been covered
>>> since, but is there a discussion of this API on another thread, or a
>>> newer patch available?
> To address Stephen's comments, I'd like to propose the following FDW APIs:
> bool
> PlanDMLPushdown (PlannerInfo *root,
>                  ModifyTable *plan,
>                  Index resultRelation,
>                  int subplan_index);
> This is called in make_modifytable, before calling PlanForeignModify. This
> checks to see whether a given UPDATE/DELETE .. RETURNING .. is
> pushdown-safe and if so, performs planning actions needed for the DML
> pushdown.  The idea is to modify a ForeignScan subplan accordingly as in
> the previous patch.  If the DML is pushdown-safe, this returns true, and we
> don't call PlanForeignModify anymore.  (Else returns false and call
> PlanForeignModify as before.)  When the DML is pushdown-safe, we hook the
> following FDW APIs located in nodeForeignscan.c, instead of
> BeginForeignModify, ExecForeignUpdate/ExecForeignDelete and
> EndForeignModify:
> void
> BeginDMLPushdown (ForeignScanState *node,
>                   int eflags);
> This initializes the DML pushdown, like BeginForeignScan.
> TupleTableSlot *
> IterateDMLPushdown (ForeignScanState *node);
> This fetches one returning result from the foreign server, like
> IterateForeignScan, if having a RETURNING clause.  If not, just return an
> empty slot.  (I'm thinking that it's required that the FDW replaces the
> targetlist of the ForeignScan subplan to the RETURNING clause during
> PlanDMLPushdown, if having the clause, so that we do nothing at
> ModifyTable.)
> void
> EndDMLPushdown (ForeignScanState *node);
> This finishes the DML pushdown, like EndForeignScan.


I like idea of separate FDW API for the DML Pushdown. Was thinking can't we
can re-use the  IterateForeignScan(ForeignScanState *node) rather then
introducing IterateDMLPushdown(ForeignScanState *node) new API ?

> I'm attaching a WIP patch, which only includes changes to the core.  I'm
> now working on the postgres_fdw patch to demonstrate that these APIs work
> well, but I'd be happy if I could get any feedback earlier.
> Best regards,
> Etsuro Fujita
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