Hello Michaël,

If I read you correctly, I should cut it out into a new file and
include it. Is it correct?

Not really, I meant to see if it would be possible to include this set
of routines directly in libpqcommon (as part of OBJS_FRONTEND). This
way any client applications could easily reuse it. If we found that
what was in psql is now useful to pgbench, I have little doubt that
some other folks would make good use of that. I honestly have not
looked at the code to see if that's doable or not, but soft-linking
directly in pgbench a file of psql will not help future maintenance
for sure. This increases the complexity of the code.

Just my 0.02€:

I understand that you suggest some kind of dynamic parametrization... this is harder to do and potentially as fragile as the link/ifdef option, with an undertermined set of callbacks to provide... the generic version would be harder to debug, and this approach would prevent changing lexer options. Basically I'm not sure that doing all that for improving the handling of pgbench scripts is worth the effort. I would go with the simpler option.

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