After setting up 9.5beta2 on the Npgsql build server and running the Npgsql
test suite against I've noticed some weird behavior.

The tests run for a couple minutes, open and close some connection. With my
pre-9.5 backends, the moment the test runner exits I can see that all
backend processes exit immediately, and pg_activity_stat has no rows
(except the querying one). With 9.5beta2, however, some backend processes
continue to stay alive beyond the test runner, and pg_activity_stat
contains extra rows (state idle, waiting false). This situation persists
until I restart PostgreSQL.

This happens consistently on two machines, running Windows 7 and Windows
10. Both client and server are on the same machine and use TCP to
communicate. I can investigate further and try to produce a more isolated
repro but I thought I'd talk to you guys first.

Any thoughts or ideas on what might cause this? Any suggestions for
tracking this down?


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