> Sample Code
> create table teste(serie integer,aula text[][]);
> //itīs ok when insert this
> insert into teste values (1,'{{"004","009"},{"009"},{""},
> {"001","002"}}');
> //But when I insert this..
> insert into teste values
> (1,'{{"004","009","002"},{"009","001"},{""},{"001","002"}}');
>                   ^^^^^^ -> lost information  ^^^^^^^^^^ -> array dimension last 

Yeah, this seems to be a long-standing misbehavior.  I get the same
results as far back as PG 7.0 (the oldest version I have running):

play=> select * from teste;
 serie |                        aula
     1 | {{"004","009"},{"009",""},{"",""},{"001","002"}}
     1 | {{"004","009"},{"009","001"},{"",""},{"001","002"}}
(2 rows)

On the other hand, the last time I fixed what seemed an obvious bug in
the array-value parser, I got flak for it.  Anyone want to defend the
present behavior?

                        regards, tom lane

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