Tom Lane wrote:
> I noticed $subject while chasing a different issue.
> The way to fix this is to export pg_operator.c's makeOperatorDependencies
> function so that AlterOperator can call it.  But since that declaration
> uses HeapTuple, I doubt we want to put it into pg_operator.h (which'd
> require further growth in that file's include list, and possibly break
> client-side code that wants to #include it).  I'm inclined to split out
> pg_operator.h's function declarations into a new header pg_operator_fn.h,
> as we've already done in related cases.

Hmm, yeah, pg_operator.h defines a lot of operator OIDs.  I think
including htup.h wouldn't be terribly problematic nowadays, actually.
But I can get behind a plan to move CreateOperator to the new file as
well, and get rid of objectaddress.h and pglist.h from pg_operator.h.

> While this isn't exactly a stop-ship class of problem, it still seems like
> it'd be good to fix before 9.5.0.

I wonder if a note to packagers to inform them of the new file added
after the RC would be a good idea.

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