"Paragon Corporation" <l...@pcorp.us> writes:
> I've implemented IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA support for an fdw called ogr_fdw
> against the PostgreSQL 9.5RC1 code base.
> Code is here:  https://github.com/robe2/pgsql-ogr-fdw
> It works great except in the Case of LIMIT TO  clause  (and possible EXCEPT
> though I have to retest EXCEPT to see if there is a case it doesn't work).  
> In LIMIT case sometimes works and it sometimes doesn't and when it doesn't
> no foreign tables are created.

Case-folding issue, perhaps?  Are you taking care to double-quote the
table names in the generated CREATE FOREIGN TABLE statements?  Because
if you don't, they'll be smashed to lower case and then won't match the
quoted table names in your example.

                        regards, tom lane

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