On 12/31/15 16:13, Tom Lane wrote:
>> I see that 9.5.0 already adds PGDLLIMPORT on the global variable
>> creating_extension, but CurrentExtensionObject on the very next
>> line of extension.h still doesn't have it.
> Why would you need to access that?

This returns to the earlier question about extensions whose purpose
is to enable other extensions. I'm thinking a bit ahead. At the moment,
I am only working on nudging PL/Java itself into the extension framework,
so you can install *it* with CREATE EXTENSION. For that, I can get along
without the extension Oid.

Down the road, it would be quite natural for PL/Java users to develop
functionality in Java, package it in a jar file, and want to install that
using CREATE EXTENSION. So they'd distribute their foo.jar file with a
foo.control file (requires = 'pljava'), and a very short foo--1.0.0.sql file
  SELECT sqlj.install_jar('file:foo.jar', 'foo', true);
and most of the right stuff will automagically happen ... the
associated system objects (created by the deployment script inside
the jar, executed by install_jar) will be captured as extension
members. But the jar itself, stashed by install_jar into a PL/Java
managed table that can't participate in pg_depend, somehow still
needs to be associated with the extension too.

I suppose there really won't be a way to do this with reliability
unless someday extensions can hook the dependency infrastructure,
as you mentioned in passing in an earlier message.

That sounds like a longer discussion. But I wondered if it might
not be too hard to put PGDLLIMPORT on CurrentExtensionObject as
a stopgap.

... though perhaps it doesn't matter that much, because I still
have to write a circuitous workaround anyway, and keep it in the
code until 9.1 through 9.4 all vanish from the earth.


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