On 01/03/2016 06:43 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
I see two ways to fix this.

1) Never use expanded display for the case where there is only one
column. There seems to me like there is little value in using expanded
display for when you only have one column, but I may be missing some use
case here.

2) Explicitly detect (for example based on the headers) that the result
is a query plan and if so disable expanded display.

The second of these seems pretty bletcherous --- for one thing, it might
fall foul of localization attempts.  However, I could see the argument
for not using expanded mode for any single-column output.

I too prefer the first option, and hope I have not missed a case for when having "\x auto" give expanded display with a single column is a clear gain. For the cases I have seen myself it has always been a usability loss (minor or great).


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