Adam Brightwell wrote:

> While working on an auth hook, I found that I was unable to access the
> pg_shseclabel system table while processing the hook.
[ ... ]
> Given that the shared relations currently exposed can also have
> security labels that can be used for auth purposes, I believe it makes
> sense to make those available as well.  I have attached a patch that
> adds this functionality for review/discussion.  If this functionality
> makes sense I'll add it to the commitfest.

So this looks like a bugfix that we should backpatch, but on closer
inspection it turns out that we need the rowtype OID to be fixed, which
it isn't unless this:


so I'm afraid this cannot be backpatched at all; if we did, the rowtype
wouldn't match for already-initdb'd installations.

I'm gonna push this to master only, which means you won't be able to
rely on pg_shseclabel until 9.6.

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