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> Maybe
> there are more ALTER TABLE subcommands that should be setting something
> up?  In cases where multiple subcommands are being run, it might be
> useful to see which one caused a certain error message.

I like the patch.

We should have a message for each subcommand, since there are many that run
for a long time and we support the optimization of allowing many
subcommands together at once.

There should also be a comment about making name a requirement for any

> I think some additional tests wouldn't hurt.

Each subcommand message should be generated at least once in tests.

> I await feedback from Simon Riggs, who set himself up as reviewer a
> couple of days ago.  Simon, do you also intend to be committer?  If so,
> please mark yourself as such in the commitfest app.

Happy to be the committer on this.

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