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> On Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 8:52 PM, Dilip Kumar <dilipbal...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > One strange behaviour, after increasing number of processor for VM,
> > max_parallel_degree=0; is also performing better.
> So, you went from 6 vCPUs to 8?  In general, adding more CPUs means
> that there is less contention for CPU time, but if you already had 6
> CPUs and nothing else running, I don't know why the backend running
> the query would have had a problem getting a whole CPU to itself.  If
> you previously only had 1 or 2 CPUs then there might have been some
> CPU competition with background processes, but if you had 6 then I
> don't know why the max_parallel_degree=0 case got faster with 8.

I am really not sure about this case, may be CPU allocation in virtual
machine had problem.. but can't say anything

> Anyway, I humbly suggest that this query isn't the right place to put
> our attention.  There's no reason why we can't improve things further
> in the future, and if it turns out that lots of people have problems
> with the cost estimates on multi-batch parallel hash joins, then we
> can revise the cost model.  We wouldn't treat a single query where a
> non-parallel multi-batch hash join run slower than the costing would
> suggest as a reason to revise the cost model for that case, and I
> don't think this patch should be held to a higher standard.  In this
> particular case, you can easily make the problem go away by tuning
> configuration parameters, which seems like an acceptable answer for
> people who run into this,

Yes, i agree with this point, cost model can always be improved. And anyway
in most of the queries even in TPC-H benchmark we have seen big improvement
with parallel join.

I have done further testing for observing the plan time, using TPC-H
queries and some other many table join queries(7-8 tables)..

I did not find any visible regression in planning time...

*There are many combinations of queries i have tested, and because of big
size of query and result did not attached in the mail... let me know if
anybody want to know the details of queries...

Dilip Kumar
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