I read your patch and I know what I want to try to have a small and simple
fix. I must admit that I have not really understood in which condition the
checkpointer would decide to close a file, but that does not mean that the
potential issue should not be addressed.

There's a trivial example: Consider three tablespaces and
max_files_per_process = 2. The balancing can easily cause three files
being flushed at the same time.

Indeed. Thanks for this explanation!

But more importantly: You designed the API to be generic because you
wanted it to be usable for other purposes as well. And for that it
certainly needs to deal with that.

Yes, I'm planning to try to do the minimum possible damage to the current API to fix the issue.

Also, I gave some thoughts about what should be done for bgwriter random
IOs. The idea is to implement some per-file sorting there and then do some
LRU/LFU combing. It would not interact much with the checkpointer, so for me
the two issues should be kept separate and this should not preclude changing
the checkpointer, esp. given the significant performance benefit of the

Well, the problem is that the patch significantly regresses some cases
right now. So keeping them separate isn't particularly feasible.

I have not seen significant regressions on my many test runs. In particular, I would not consider that having a tps deep in cases where postgresql is doing 0 tps most of the time anyway (ie pg is offline) because of random IO issues should be blocker.

As I understood it, the regressions occur when the checkpointer is less used, i.e. bgwriter is doing most of the writes, but this does not change much whether the checkpointer sorts buffers or not, and the overall behavior of pg is very bad anyway in these cases.

Also I think that coupling the two issues is a recipee for never having anything done in the end and keep the current awful behavior:-(

The solution on the bgwriter front is somehow similar to the checkpointer, but from a code point of view there is minimum interaction, so I would really separate them, esp. as the bgwriter part will require extensive testing and discussions as well.


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