On 1/11/16 1:00 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
There's at least one PL/Java implementation that does that.  The
interprocess communication overhead is pretty awful, IIRC.  Don't know
what they do about nested calls.

You'd think that pipes wouldn't be that much overhead...

>Obviously this is a lot more work than what you're proposing though.:(
Yeah.  I think what I'm suggesting is a back-patchable fix, which that
certainly wouldn't be.

Yeah, and it sounds like we need one.

The question of whether to do ERROR or FATAL remains open.  I'm not sure
I have a strong preference either way.

If they both get loaded is there risk of bad data happening? Personally, I'll take a traceable FATAL (or even PANIC) over data corruption every time. But I'm guessing that if you tried to use both you'd pretty immediately end up crashing the backend.
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