Tom Lane wrote:
> I noticed $subject while trying to fix the extension membership problem
> Karsten Hilbert complained of last week.  I do not think that if I ask
> for a dump of a single table, that should include event triggers.

Ugh, certainly not.

> AFAICT event triggers don't belong to any particular schema, so I'd
> propose that they be dumped only when include_everything is true,
> which is the usual rule for objects that don't belong to any schema.
> Transforms have got the same issue, which means that the dump of a
> database containing, eg, hstore_plperl is outright broken: it will
> dump both the extension *and* a CREATE TRANSFORM command.  Again, they
> ought to obey the default rules for schema-less objects, which in
> this case is "dump if include_everything and not an extension member".

Sounds reasonable.  (I assume this last detailed rule is what applies to
both object types.  Surely event triggers can be part of an extension

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