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On Wed, Jan 15, 2003 at 01:20:45PM +1030, Justin Clift wrote:

Have been discussing what it would take to write an "SDBC" driver for connecting StarOffice/OpenOffice to PostgreSQL with Frank Schönheit, a senior member of the Sun StarOffice/OpenOffice DBA team, and a few senior members of the OpenOffice project.
I think something like this is already being done based on libpqxx.
for a feature request related to this work.
Thanks Jeroen, it's good news.

That's a bug filed by Peter Novodvorsky, but haven't seen him using that email address before. He's a pretty decent guy that started writing a PostgreSQL SDBC driver for OpenOffice many months ago, but seemed to have stopped and dropped out of sight.

Looks like he might still be working on it.

Will ask him, see how far he's gotten, how much more is needed, and so forth.


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