Java developer here with very basic knowledge of C and C++ and therefore some noob questions, so please bear with me (to further complicate things -- I am using Windows).

My goal is to be able run PostgreSQL in an IDE like Eclipse CDT or Code::Blocks so that I can run it in debug mode and set breakpoints etc.

I downloaded the Source Release distribution REL_9_5_0, and ran ./configure via MinGW-w64 -- the config.log file is available at https://gist.github.com/TwentyOneSolutions/f3ce3df3d8cc655db45d

Now I have a .project file, which I thought to be an Eclipse project file, but opening it in Eclipse doesn't do much. Is it, indeed, an Eclipse project file? If not, then what (cross-platform) IDE would open it?

When I import the directory to Eclipse as Existing Project I get the directory structure in Eclipse, but trying to run "Build" results in "Info: Nothing to build for postgres-REL9_5_0", and trying to Run or Debug says "The selection cannot be launched, and there no recent launches".

Any ideas on how I can make progress will be greatly appreciated.



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