* Bruce Momjian (br...@momjian.us) wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 17, 2016 at 09:10:23PM -0500, Stephen Frost wrote:
> > > While the group owner of the directory is a distributions question, the
> > > permissions are usually a backup-method-specific requirement.  I can see
> > > us creating an SQL function that opens up group permissions on the data
> > > directory for specific backup tools that need it, then granting
> > > permissions on that function to the backup role.   This is another
> > > example where different backup tools need different permissions.
> > 
> > I don't believe we can really consider group ownership and group
> > permissions independently.  They really go hand-in-hand.  On
> > RedHat-based system, where the group is set as 'staff', you probably
> > don't want group permissions to be allowed.  On Debian-based systems,
> > where there is a dedicated 'postgres' group, group permissions are fine
> > to allow.
> Yes, I can see that as problematic.  Seems it would have to be something
> done by the administrator from the command-line.

initdb on both RedHat and Debian-based systems is run, generally
speaking, from the packaging scripts.  They would be able to pass the
correct options to initdb (or PG itself, if we decide that's

> > Group ownership and permissions aren't a backup-method-specific
> > requirement either, in my view.  I'm happy to chat with Marco (who has
> > said he would be weighing in on this thread when he is able to)
> > regarding barman, and whomever would be appropriate for BART (perhaps
> > you could let me know..?), but if it's possible to do a backup without
> > being a superuser and with only read access to the data directory, I
> > would expect every backup soltuion to view that as a feature which they
> > want to support, as there are environments which will find it desirable,
> > at a minimum, and even some which will require it.
> pg_dump doesn't need to read the PGDATA directory, and I thought this
> permission was to be used by pg_dump users as well.

No.  That has been a source of confusion, though I'm not quite sure how
or why, beyond the general assumption that anything 'backup' must
include 'pg_dump' (I don't generally consider that to be the case,
myself, but it seems others do...).

This is only for file-based backups.



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