If i try to create logical replication slot on standby i get error:
ERROR:  logical decoding cannot be used while in recovery

In code i found this comment:

/* ----
* TODO: We got to change that someday soon...
* There's basically three things missing to allow this:
* 1) We need to be able to correctly and quickly identify the timeline a
* LSN belongs to
* 2) We need to force hot_standby_feedback to be enabled at all times so
* the primary cannot remove rows we need.
* 3) support dropping replication slots referring to a database, in
* dbase_redo. There can't be any active ones due to HS recovery
* conflicts, so that should be relatively easy.
* ----
if (RecoveryInProgress())
errmsg("logical decoding cannot be used while in recovery")));
When you plan to add logical decoding on standby?

it is useful to have separate standby server for logical replication that will 
not break the master if you make a mistake in plugin.


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