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> Brian Bruns wrote:
> >Problem is, nobody builds packages on windows anyway.  They just all
> >download the binary a guy (usually literally "one guy") 
> built.  So, let's 
> >just make sure that one guy has cygwin loaded on his machine 
> and we'll be 
> >all set. </tougue in cheek>
> >  
> >
> Correct.
> I wonder why we need a Windows port.

Maybe because most of the machines in the world (by a titanic landslide) are Windoze 

> I think it is more pain 
> than sense. In case of Windows I'd rely on a binary 
> distribution and a piece of 
> documentation telling how the source can be built. 

Sounds like a Windows port to me.  How is this "Windows build" going to be created 
without a "Windows port"?

> I don't 
> expect many 
> people to do it. Usually Open Source guys run *NIX

Taken a poll lately?
> >Sorry, couldn't help myself...Seriously, it's a cultural thing, I 
> >wouldn't
> >plan on a mighty hoard of windows database developers who 
> are put off by 
> >loading cygwin.  I do wonder what the requirements are for building 
> >commercial db's that run on unix and windows.  I imagine they are 
> >similarly off-putting if it were an option.
> >  
> >
> In case of SAP DB they use a tool kit for building
> http://www.sapdb.org/develop/sap_db_development.htm

> It is truly painful to build it - even on UNIX (I haven't tried on 
> Windows and I won't try in the future).
> As far as I have seen it throughs millions of compiler warnings.

It was simple to build.  And if you don't want to build it, they have binary 
distributions.  I have SAP/DB running on this machine (along with SQL*Server, 
PostgreSQL, DB/2, Oracle, Firebird and a few others)  SAP DB is or can be used for SAP 
(basically, it's a port of Adabas).  That makes it kind of important, for obvious 

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