Hello, Pavel!

That letter was not a complain against you. I'm sorry if it seems like
that for you.
It was an intermediate review with several points to be clear for _me_
from experienced hackers, mostly about a code design.

26.01.2016 07:05, Pavel Stehule пишет:
>> pg_proc.h has changed, so the CATALOG_VERSION_NO must be also changed.
> this is not a part of patch - only a commiter knows CATALOG_VERSION_NO
CATALOG_VERSION_NO is mentioned for a committer, it is not your fault.

>> III. There is no support of 'bytes' unit, it seems such behavior got
>> majority approval[2].
> No, because I have to use the supported units by configuration. The 
> configuration supports only three chars long units. Support for "bytes" was 
> removed, when I removed proprietary unit table.
Point "III" is the only for the question "d". Also to collect any
possible features from the thread in one place.

>> V. The documentation lacks a note that the base of the "pg_size_bytes"
>> is 1024 whereas the base of the "pg_size_pretty" is 1000.
> It isn't true, base for both are 1024. It was designed when special table was 
> used for pg_size_bytes. But when we share same control table, then is wrong 
> to use different table. The result can be optically different, but 
> semantically same.
Oops, I was wrong about a base of pg_size_pretty. It was a morning
after a hard night...

> negative values is fully supported.
You have mentioned it at least three times before. It is not my new
requirement or a point to your fault, it is an argument for
symmetry/asymmetry of the function.

> support of "bytes" depends on support "bytes" unit by GUC. When "bytes" unit 
> will be supported, then it can be used in pg_size_bytes immediately.
By the way there can be a comparison for a special size unit before
calling parse_memory_unit.

> Regards
> Pavel
>> [2]http://www.postgresql.org/message-id/cacaco5qw7ffsffhkstjtycp4qf3oh9za14sc6z3dxx2yssj...@mail.gmail.com

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