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> "Dann Corbit" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Maybe I don't really understand the problem, but it seems simple 
> > enough to do it once for the whole query.
> We already do cache column offsets when they are fixed.  The 
> code that's the problem executes when there's a 
> variable-width column in the table
> --- which means that all columns to its right are not at 
> fixed offsets, and have to be scanned for separately in each 
> tuple, AFAICS.

Why not waste a bit of memory and make the row buffer the maximum
possible length?
E.g. for varchar(2000) allocate 2000 characters + size element and point
to the start of that thing.

If we have 64K rows, even at that it is a pittance.  If someone designs
10,000 row tables, then it will allocate an annoyingly large block of
memory, but bad designs are always going to cause a fuss.

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